Belmont Books in Shelf Awareness – 8/17/2016

Shelf Awareness posted an announcement about our store this week. Read the entire article here.

Belmont Books Coming to Belmont, Mass., in 2017

Chris Abouzeid and Kathy Crowley

Belmont Books will open next March at 79 Leonard Street in Belmont, Mass. The co-owners are Chris Abouzeid and Kathy Crowley (“Your friendly neighborhood booksellers”), who broke the news yesterday that they have signed a lease: “We wish this was a grand opening announcement, but that’s still a few months in the future. We’re ready to answer one of your biggest questions, though: Where the heck is our store going to be?… If you know Belmont, that’s right in the middle of the soon-to-be-renovated Macy’s building, in that quaint section with the white façade and lovely molding that just screams ‘Put an awesome store in here!’ ”

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Favorite Kids Books of 2014


By Chris Abouzeid

I read mostly kids books—not because I feel any social obligation, or because I want to know what my children are reading, but because I like them. This often leaves me on the sidelines of book discussions. (“The latest Murakami? Um, no. Unless he’s collaborating with John Green or Mo Willems.”) It also gets me the occasional eye-roll, dismissive shrug and/or quick change of subject. Sometimes the person will even ask me why a grown man would want to read about adolescent problems, the subtext of which is “Do you sit around and suck your thumb, too?”

There are a lot of pluses to reading mostly middle-grade and young adult books, though. For one thing, I often know what the popular books will be before my kids have even heard of them. Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Alex Rider, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, Ranger’s Apprentice—I introduced my kids to all of these, and more.

Second, and much more relevant to this post, I can sometimes help other people find good books to read. And seeing as there are some major gift-giving holidays coming up, I thought this might be a good time to throw out some recommendations.

So, here are a few of my favorite Young Adult and Middle Grade books of 2014. If you have any favorites of your own (or your kids’), please feel free to add them in the comments. The more the better!


Favorite Young Adult / Teen Books of 2014

Half Bad – Sally Green

halfbadSixteen year old Nathan is being kept in a cage to keep him from achieving his full powers as a witch. Sound like another medieval-style fantasy? It’s not. It’s modern day England. But alongside normal human beings, there are White (aka good) witches and Black (aka bad) witches. Nathan is exactly half of each. Unfortunately, the Black witch side of him comes from his father, one of the cruelest and most powerful Black witches who ever lived. An imaginative new fantasy series that does away with the pointy hats and robes and makes witches far more modern–and threatening.


Zac & Mia – A.J. Betts

Two teens with completely different styles meet in the hospital while undergoing cancer treatment. Zac is calm, rational, funny. Mia is angry, self-absorbed, abusive. Their connection in the hospital is short and tenuous. It’s what happens afterward that really makes the story. (Some readers have likened it to The Fault In Our Stars, but it’s a very different story, despite some surface similarities.) Read more