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Where are you located?

79 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA.

When are you opening?

May of 2017. We’re hoping people will still be reading by books then.

What’s taking so long?

The building isn’t ready yet and the town inspectors are adamant that we wait until there’s an actual floor and roof before we put carpet down or install bookshelves. It seems like an overly linear approach, but in the interest of not being banned from the building, we think it’s best to respect their wishes.

What kind of bookstore is this going to be?

The best kind: A full service, floor to ceiling, astonishingly warm and cozy general bookstore featuring everything from My Struggle #45 to Fodor’s Game of Thrones Travel Guide. (Actually, probably not those. But pretty much everything else.)

Will you have a kids’ section?

Absolutely. An awesome one. So awesome, your kids will say, “Aw, do we have to play video games? Can’t we go to Belmont Books instead?”

Can I leave my kids there while I go shopping or do my yoga workout?

No. Any children left unattended will be fed espressos and doughnuts until you return.

Will you have a café?

Yes. We believe books, coffee and fresh-baked muffins were meant to live together in harmony. They align our chakras, cleanse our bad humors, and keep our neurons dancing.

Will you have author events and readings?

Yes. We hope to have at least 2 events a week, featuring local and national authors, as well as a weekly story hour for kids.

Will you sell my book?

We’re always on the lookout for new titles. Email us your request with as much information as you can: your name, the title, a picture of the cover (if you have it), and a synopsis, as well as any links to your website, the publisher’s and reviews. We’ll weigh the potential sales, cost, interest to our buyers, competition, etc. to determine whether the book is a good fit for our store.

Will you have on-line ordering?

Definitely. It will be so much fun you won’t be able to stop yourself from adding things to your shopping cart.

Will you be doing book fairs?

If you mean a fair with cotton candy, ferris wheels and tiny books given out as prizes when you dunk the mayor in the dunk tank, no. If you mean an awesome collection of the newest and best books brought straight to your organization to be sold for fun and profit, yes. At least, we hope so. For more information, email us through our Contact Us page or, when we’re finally open, come into the store and ask for Kathy or Chris.

Will you be hiring?

Yes! Check out our Employment page. (Note that all candidates need to have patience, a sense of humor, a love for books and the ability to alphabetize even in their sleep.)

Who would I contact about getting some books banned?

No one here. But we’d be happy to talk to you about the books. Who knows? Maybe you’d change your mind.

Will you come read bedtime stories to my kids?

We would love to. But most nights we’re too busy reading bedtime stories to our own kids. We do, however, promise to have a great selection of stories for you to read. Because even Make Way for Ducklings can get a little boring after the 4,735th time you’ve read it.

Will you offer drone delivery service?

If you mean will we deliver boring people to sit in your livingroom and go about the history of mud, no. If you mean will we deliver books using airborne devices that have the potential to fall out of the sky and put holes in your roof or crush poor Fifi while she’s out doing her business–also, no. We are looking into more traditional delivery options, though.

Is that illustration on your homepage what your bookstore will really look like?

Unfortunately, no. That lovely illustration is the work of Louise Dav. You can find more of her colorful work here. We hope our bookstore looks as warm and welcoming, but we probably won’t have French titles and posters in the display window.


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