The People Have Spoken: Belmont Books Customer Survey Results


First, we want to thank everyone who responded to our Customer Interests Survey. We received almost 100 times the number of responses we were expecting. (We were expecting 2.)  This massive level of participation confirmed our suspicions that: a) people really, really like to check boxes; and b) we are surrounded by the most generous, dedicated and mildly-obsessive-but-awesome readers anywhere.

Knowing there might be some curiosity about the results of the survey, we thought we’d post them on our site. There were some surprises: a greater than average interest in Poetry, for example. And some results weren’t so surprising, such as a low number of readers among Infants. But overall, you proved yourselves to be a wide-ranging group of book-lovers, and we can’t wait to start stocking our shelves with titles that will excite and delight you.


Customer Survey Results

(Hover your cursor over a bar to see the category and number of votes.)

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