Belmont Books Gift Certificates Now Available!



Sure, shopping for books online is fast and convenient. But give someone one of our Belmont Books Gift Certificates and you won’t just be buying them a book. You’ll be giving them a ticket to one of the most dangerous stores on Earth.

That’s right. Within our 4,000+ square feet, we have 1,000 murders a day, hundreds of solved and unsolved mysteries, goblins and dragons and bears (oh my!) running amok through the shelves, crossword puzzles battling for supremacy over sudoku, and at least 100 chefs throwing down with grills, soup ladles and quinoa.

Did we mention the café? It’s nothing less than a giant honeytrap of deliciousness. Rivers of coffee and tea and hot chocolate meandering through acres of baked goods. You’ll feel like you’re in the poppy field scene in The Wizard of Oz, only surrounded by incredibly tasty treats instead of flying monkeys and creepy flowers.

So go to the Gift Certificates page at Click Buy.
Your ticket to bookstore adventure is on its way!*

*Not via flying monkeys. We promise.


On-Line Ordering Now Available



“Special delivery! Who ordered the
entire Stephen King collection?”


A little over a month ago, a stranger came up to us and said, “While you’re getting your store ready, why don’t you set something up for on-line orders?”

We looked at each other.
We looked at him.
A choir of angels burst into song.
Comets streaked across the sky.
(It might have actually been kids screaming and streaking across the lawn, since this was at a school picnic.)

Out of this tiny but brilliant suggestion came much inspiration, coding and wrestling with fonts. Now we’re pleased to announce that the vision of one kind stranger (clearly a visiting alien sent to help mankind evolve far enough to join their intergalactic book club) has come true: is ready and waiting to take your orders!

Come check out our huge selection of books. Find holiday gift ideas, reviews, staff recommendations. Add one, add two, add them all to your shopping basket. Then, with a few clicks, your books will be winging their way to your door. Think of all the driving and schlepping you just saved yourself!

We hope you enjoy the site. And we hope when the real store opens, you’ll come shop with us in person as well.